The Alliance for Ministry Education

The Alliance for Ministry Education is an organization composed of participating Church of the Nazarene District Training Centers (DTC) and Nazarene Bible College (NBC) who work together to provide college-level ministry training at the district level. This training is designed to produce effective ministers and allows persons to fulfill the educational requirements for ordination in the Church of the Nazarene.


Alliance Office


Ms. Aryana Crittleton

Nazarene Bible College
17001 Prairie Star Parkway
Suite 300
Lenexa, KS 66220


Student Academic Portfolio

The Student Academic Portfolio program is a way for district students to ask Nazarene Bible College to grant college credit for course work done in an Alliance district training center. When a district student enrolls at Nazarene Bible College, either in the Online or Campus degree program, that student has the option of submitting her or his district course work through a portfolio to NBC for evaluation. If a portfolio course is accepted by NBC, the course credits are applied to the student's official NBC transcript. For more details, contact the Alliance Office.


District Training Centers

The Alliance District Training Center (DTC) provides classroom-based, college-level training for persons who desire to complete the educational requirements for ordination in the Church of the Nazarene. The curriculum recommended for use in the DTC is the NBC Course of Study Alliance curriculum.

District training centers are operated by districts in the Church of the Nazarene. While Nazarene Bible College has no legal or accreditational connection with any district training center, the college acts in consultation with these centers in areas of academic excellence and good practice, curricular development, and faculty qualification and development. Each DTC has a board to direct its operation, fund the training center, and make recommendations to the NBC Alliance for Ministry Education Office. The DTC board elects a director who has responsibility for daily operations. The NBC administrative responsibility for the Alliance program rests with the NBC executive vice president and academic dean.


Correlation Grids

The Alliance Correlation Grids are given as recommendations from Nazarene Bible College to district leaders who wish to make a correlation between the course of study used by the Alliance for Ministry Education and past training programs—the past denominational Directed Studies program and the first NBC 20-Course Program. NBC also provides a grid that correlates the current denominational modular course of study to the Alliance program. These grids are recommendations only; final authority rests with the respective District Boards of Ministries, the denominational Course of Study Advisory Committee (COSAC), and the Office of Clergy Services.


All course materials contained herein are the sole property of Nazarene Bible College and are not to be disseminated to any persons or organizations except upon the expressed, written consent of the College. Faculty teaching an Alliance course automatically have access to all materials in that course and may use the materials in the course, but are not permitted to distribute the materials to others outside of the Alliance.

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